The conventional home building process is broken.

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Custom homes take too long, cost too much and the process is too difficult.  The conventional homebuilding process is broken.  We’re fixing this problem with custom modular homes. A simple pairing of design and personalized details with the power of prefabricated, modular construction in our factory.

We make designing and building a home easier than it has ever been before.  Our prefab system is driving costs down and speeding up all aspects of the process from design and engineering to construction and delivery – all while building a stronger, higher quality and more sustainable home.

Custom Modular home Construction

Powered by the Bevyhouse MODULAR Design System

The Bevyhouse MDS (Modular Design System) platform is a proprietary, pre-engineered system that allows us to infinitely customize our modular projects to fit your site and your needs. We start with 3D modeling every aspect of the custom modular project. This model then integrates with our state of the art MDS platform to minimize waste, maximize efficiency and deliver a high quality, custom project at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional building. As a result, designing and building a custom modular home, accessory dwelling unit or multifamily project has never been easier. We did the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Say Hello to a New Kind of Home

Together we’ll design your custom modular home. We have developed a bevy of curated design options to fit your lifestyle and your specific property. Our process connects you directly with our talented team of designers and engineers and puts the control of customizing your dwelling at your fingertips — Awesome choices born out of the efficiency and precision inherent in our custom modular design system. See a few of our previous custom modular homes below.






“Bevyhouse is an incredible company with an incredible team that has been instrumental in our fire rebuild. From design to virtual rendering, I’ve been able to visualize the finished project. Bevyhouse is such a revolutionary way to rebuild our home, and I’m blown away how straight forward everything has been.”

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