Innovative home construction is paving the way for sustainable and resilient living. Traditional home construction takes place at the site of the home, but Prefabricated Homes are built differently. Within Prefabrication exists Custom Modular Home construction, a process that allows for a home to be prefabricated in multiple distinct modules in an offsite facility and then brought to the site and assembled on the home’s foundation. Prefabricated homes are the future of home construction because of their optimal and streamlined process and minimized impacts. They can be more sustainable, safer, and save more time and money and traditional building construction.

Building a house the old way, at the site and from the ground up, entails travel costs and payroll costs for onsite employees. It includes the costs of renting and operating construction vehicles and tools for days or weeks at a time. Employees are also at greater risk of injury at the site than they would be in more controlled environments like a manufacturing facility. In a manufacturing facility, employees can also work on several projects simultaneously and reduce waste by reusing materials for other projects or storing them until they’re needed. That’s how we at Bevyhouse design and build our custom modular homes in our facility in Ventura County, California.


Rebuilding in Malibu

Bevyhouse is working for clients designing and building Custom Modular Homes throughout California. We help many clients who want sustainably constructed homes built in less time and for less money than traditionally constructed homes. We’re also helping homeowners who’ve lost their homes to wildfires rebuild. Residents in Malibu have contracted with Bevyhouse to rebuild after the Woolsey Fire. For the fire victims in Malibu, replacing their homes was never planned.  We are working to streamline the rebuilding process by making it easier and faster to rebuild using our custom modular approach.  Not only are we rebuilding with high fire resistant materials and practices, but our homes are more sustainable, comfortable and energy efficient than the homes that were lost.  We cannot replace the memories of the lost homes but we can give owners a chance to build a home that will last for generations. 

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